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Complete family foot care

At Wyomissing Podiatry, you'll get quality care for all of your foot ailments including treatment for bunions, sports injuries, ingrown toenails, tendonitis, and more.

When you visit Wyomissing Podiatry, you'll always be treated like family and given the best treatment for your specific ailment.

Specializing in diabetic wound care and offering you a custom diabetic shoe program to prevent skin breakdown due to neuropathy

Call now: 610-376-5649

29 years of experience

Family-owned for 55 years

Most insurances accepted

If you are a diabetic, you are a high-risk patient for wounds, neuropathy, and ingrown nails. Make sure you come see us regularly to prevent complications.

If you're experiencing heel and arch pain you need to be seen by a specialist. Dr. Pace will prescribe the proper treatment to reduce your pain.

Do you have redness and swelling or swollen skin tissue around your toe? If so, it's likely you have an ingrown toenail and need to be seen by Dr. Pace.

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